Pre-Order ÚLFÚÐ’s Debut Album ‘Of Existential Distortion’ on Decibel-Exclusive Vinyl RIGHT NOW!

Nordic blackened death-dealers Úlfúð execute their ferocious first full-length Of Existential Distortion and Decibel is fired-up to offer an exclusive edition on devastatingly deep blue and cobalt swirled vinyl!

Hailing from Reykjavik, Úlfúð’s (pronounced “ool-wooth,” meaning “animosity” or “hostility”) long-awaited debut LP is graced by ghastly cover art from mixed-media master Bahrull Marta and comes complete with a 20-page booklet complemented with photography from Alma Líf Þorsteinsdóttir on the inlay. Our cerulean Decibel-exclusive on deep blue and cobalt swirled vinyl is limited to just 108 total copies!

You can preview the album’s entrancing opening track, “Where Strange Lights Dance,” below right now via Dark Descent Records. The time is nigh—pre-order your copy now or be left behind!

NOTE: This is a preorder that is due to be released on or around March 17, 2023. All details, including release date, are subject to change.