Full Album Stream: Seven Doors – “Feast of the Repulsive Dead”

Dinner is served in the form of Feast of the Repulsive Dead, the riff-filled debut full-length from UK one-man band Seven Doors. Forming in 2020, Seven Doors released an EP and a three-way split in 2021 before spending 2022 working on Feast of the Repulsive Dead. What came out is a tribute to two kinds of gore: the early days of death metal and horror movies.

Naming his band after the hotel in Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond, Seven Doors creator Ryan Willis revels in gore and violence on his band’s debut album. Songs like “Stalked, Strangled and Stabbed” and “Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Developers” capture the frantic nature of ’90s death metal while a creepy intro from horror maestro Slasher Dave sets a mood that you’re about to get hacked to pieces.

“This band allows me to combine my two favorite things, death metal and horror movies from the ’70s and ’80s,” Willis tells Decibel. “Along with being inspired by bands such as Deicide, Suffocation, Skeletal Remains and Malevolent Creation to name a few, I was also inspired by classic horror soundtracks. Listen to the theme from Zombie Flesh Eaters and tell me it doesn’t make you feel uneasy!”

Take your seat at the Feast of the Repulsive Dead and grab a to-go bag from Redefining Darkness.