Track Premiere: Plague Bearer – “Antichristian Inquisition”

Photo by Brandon Corsair

No pun intended, but bear with us here in unwinding the twisty saga of Seattle black death blasphemers Plague Bearer. The outfit can trace its roots back to the early ’90s when it was formed by Kelly Kuciemba (aka Plague Bearer) and vocalist Herb Burke (aka The Butcher). After a couple demos, that version quickly morphed into Drawn and Quartered, who have released multiple albums and still exist today. However, in the early ’00s, Plague Bearer (the musician) relaunched Plague Bearer as a solo project and issued a couple of demos. Which brings us to the present and a new lineup of Plague Bearer—The Nihilist (vocals), The Butcher (bass/vocals), Plague Bearer (guitars), Defiler (drums)—and the band’s first full-length studio album, Summoning Apocalyptic Devastation.

We’re premiering the track, “Antichristian Inquisition,” which pretty much sums up the quartet’s M.O. It’s a wretched, unrelenting assault of hellish death metal with sick and twisted vocal utterances and sulfurous guitar pyrotechnics. Not a bad way to introduce/reintroduce the band after so many years. Guitars, bass and vocals on Apocalyptic Devastation were self-engineered at Kuciemba’s home studio, the Plague Pit, while drums were recorded with Jon Schluckebier at Radioactive Recording. Mixing duties were handled by Andrew Lee (Ripped To Shreds) who contributed a guest solo on “Rise Of The Goat,” and the album was mastered by Loic Fontaine of Krucyator Productions. Summoning Apocalyptic Devastation will be released on vinyl, CD and digital formats through Nameless Grave Records on March 3rd. Place your preorders here.

Here’s what The Butcher had to say about the track:

“Plague Bearer brings ‘Antichristian Inquisition.’ Goat age death/black metal assault upon all that is holy. Satan chaos commands persecution of the faithful.”