Track Premiere: The Munsens – “Sacred Ivory”

The Munsens
Photo by Mitch Kline

Hold on to your bongs, because Denver-based doom icons The Munsens are back with a new single, “Sacred Ivory.” It’s their first new music since 2019, and it’s got a lot more darkness and death metal too it, so you won’t be disappointed.

“After a few strange years spent writing and, for the most part, laying low, it felt great to get back into the studio and finally lay down some of the new material we’ve been working on,” says bassist. Michael Goodwin. “We’d heard great things about Felipe and his studio (Green Door Recordings) from fellow Denver bands and wanted to check out a studio that was new to us. We jumped in with him for a day, messed around with some different ideas and equipment, and are really psyched on how the track came out. We are looking forward to getting more of this new material out.”

“‘Sacred Ivory’ is a song we’ve been working on over the last couple years, reflecting on substance abuse and its powerful stranglehold,” adds guitarist and vocalist Shaun Goodwin. “It’s one of the shorter tracks from the new album we’ve been writing, but a good representation of what can be expected on that release.”

The song will officially be out digitally January 13, and we can expect new music from the band this year, which is exciting for fans who have been waiting since their 2019 full-length, Unhanded. If this track is any indication of what is to come, which Goodwin says it is, we’re in for a pounding, heavy banger of a record.

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