Album Premiere: Throat Locust – “Dragged Through Glass”

Throat Locust band photo

Throat Locust formed freshly in 2022, with the intent of launching a down ‘n’ dirty death metal band with Texan groove. The impetus of the project actually began with lead guitarist Eric Calvert leading an entourage to check out Gatecreeper’s set at Knotfest in Iowa. Inspired by those Sonoran deathdealers, Throat Locust crafted the songs for their Dragged Through Glass demo. Now we kick off the new year together by sharing the demo a few days before the official release on January 6th.

Previously unreleased crusher “Death Lurker” opens the demo with some high-octane death/thrash. It’s feverishly fast, but adds some knuckle-dragging breakdowns for mosh pit demolition. “Corruption & Greed” sprints into a frenzy right away, solidifying the band’s style and foundation. The lead riff from decapitation anthem “Axe Grinder” would fit right in on …For Victory. While there have been numerous bands inspired by Bolt Thrower and now Gatecreeper, Throat Locust’s live-wire energy is what truly sets this demo apart. The solos shred so vibrantly you can picture the headbanging smiles in the front row. These three songs were recorded at Harbor City Sound Lab in Corpus Christi, and engineer Bryan Garcia nailed a raucous mix where the guitars roar as forcefully as vocalist Gil Perez. Now the band prepares for a busy 2023, the band’s first full year together.

“As of now, Throat Locust is in the works of a Texas tour,” the band shares. “[We] landed a spot in SXSW and set up with 2 festivals. There’s GulfCoast Death Fest with bands like Stabbing, PeelingFlesh, and BloodBath on the Bay to just start out their year. We are also in the process of writing new material and will have a special release coming up mid-year.”

Crawl through the bloody shards and press play on Throat Locust’s demo below.

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