FAITHXTRACTOR: “I’d Say Nihilism Wins Out on This Record”

If you want a vision of 2023, imagine FAITHXTRACTOR’s upcoming album, Contempt for a Failed Dimension, stamping on your face for the entire year. This Cincinnati-based veteran death metal outfit has returned with their first album since 2018, now on Redefining Darkness Records.

Stamping or stomping really are operative words here, the hefty production lending the album a beat-down quality. And it’s delivered with the mastery in riff-work, gutteral vocals, meaty bass and pulverizing drums that makes the listener yearn for yet more punishment.

According to vocalist/guitarist/drummer Ash Thomas:

“Thematically, the album is a conflict between nihilism and existentialism told through dream logic and horrorscapes. There are varying speeds and vibes musically within the songs, but given the album title and loathing nature of the lyrics, I’d say nihilism wins out on this record.”

A cage match between Nietzsche and Sartre, set to killer riffs. I’m down with it. Check out the two songs available for streaming below, the album arrives on January 20, 2023.