Track Premiere: The Last Reign – “Sands of Fate”

The Last Reign album cover

Back in 2015, The Last Reign formed in the brutal winterscape of Buffalo, NY. With a flurry of releases, the band has sharpened their melodeath attack and given it an even more moshable metalcore edge. With their eyes turned ahead to the new year, they’re now preparing to release a compilation album called Endangered Pieces. The record will combine the songs from the band’s digital-only EPs, making them available for the first time on physical media. The band also added one new original composition, which we are happy to share with you several months early.

“Sands of Fate” features nimble riffing from founding guitarist Brian Platter. His style combines technical precision with an emotive flare. The song also features the vocal tandem of Lauren Wishnie and guest growler Jesse Isadore (Design the Void). The Last Reign’s collaboration with Isadore leans into progressive and core influences without sacrificing the reverence for melodic death from the ’90s. When the band slows down the composition for the song’s final 40 seconds, it’s with devastating success. “Sands of Fate” does more than kick off the compilation with a bruising track. It also reveals the direction the band may head in 2023 and beyond.

“The initial idea for our collaboration with Jesse Isadore was to put a three song EP together which would feature one original and two covers,” The Last Reign shares. “The new song would also appear on his upcoming solo album and then we would each choose one cover. A version of this song has been around since the bands inception back in 2015. It has come a long way in it’s development since then, but there are still some remnants of the original demo version. We have blended melodic death with a progressive metalcore sound to compliment Jesse’s vocal stylings. He is a tremendous vocalist and it was a pleasure working with him!”

Sink into the “Sands of Fate” by pressing play below.

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