Full Album Stream: Critical Extravasation – “Order of Decadence”

Three years after the release of their debut EP, Russian death-thrashers Critical Extravasation are back in action with their debut long player, Order of Decadence. From the jump, this is a record very clearly made by thrash heads, for thrash heads—the riffs that make up “Waltz of Hypocrisy” coupled with the production, impressive musicianship, anti-war lyrics and sharp, barked vocals are vicious, setting the tone for the seven-track record.

Critical Extravasation are strongly influenced by the likes of Death, Pestilence and Atheist, which is particularly heard on songs like “Devastating Virtue” and “Doctrine of Atrophy,” which push the technical thrash sound further into extreme territory. Despite its concise runtime, Order of Decadence packs so much metal into the seven songs on the album that you’re not left needing more when it ends.

Order of Decadence is a savage collection of songs from a very promising young band. Listen to the album below and grab it yourself via Redefining Darkness.

Photo: Wildselin