Full Split Stream: SOTSWOTW / Cronos Compulsion – “Copulating in the Crypt”

Decibel just announced Denver death dealers Cronos Compulsion as the opener for the Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest: Denver pre-fest featuring Dreadnought and Vermin Womb. Today, we’re streaming the latest from the trio: Copulating in the Crypt, their new split with fellow Denver death/doom crushers Seed of the Sorcerer, Womb of the Witch.

The longer-named band starts things off with their contribution, “Curse of Corrosive Castration.” The song combines chunky, plodding guitars with ominous melodies, leaning hard into the doom aspect of their sound before ratcheting up the intensity and mixing in a few punches of gnarly death metal. Seed of the Sorcerer, Womb of the Witch get exponentially more aggressive, eventually fading out into the sound of banging drums.

Cronos Compulsion offer a similar approach to death metal on their half of the split with “Tokophobic Agony.” a slow-ass, noisy, demoralizing track that ends in a wall of fuzz and feedback.

Seed of the Sorcerer explain how the split came to be:

“After bearing witness to the crushing live performances from Cronos Compulsion and finding out they are awesome people as well, we decided we desperately wanted to do a release with them, so here we are. The song on the split is the first song we wrote post-pandemic with the current lineup and, while being rooted in the same process and sound we’ve been cultivating since our inception, it certainly heralds a new, exciting trajectory for us. We’re immensely proud of it and absolutely chuffed to be ending this year on a high note by releasing it alongside Cronos Compulsion’s pulverizing track.”

Regarding their side of the split, Cronos Compulsion bassist and Decibel writer Addison Herron-Wheeler says that “’Tokophobic Agony’ is about the fear and pain of childbirth—a fitting topic in today’s world. It’s also one of the jammier songs we’ve written. And we’re so stoked to be unleashing this song on a split with our good friends in SOTSWOTW!”

Copulating in the Crypt is out on November 11 via Alchemical Annihilation but you can spin both sides of the split below.