Track Premiere: Freya – “Thousand Yard Stare”


Freya — the hardcore band fronted by longtime Earth Crisis vocalist Karl Buechner — return with “Thousand Yard Stare,” from their forthcoming album Fight As One, to be released via Upstate Records in the spring of 2023. If that wasn’t enough old-school hXc for you, the track features Scott Vogel of Terror on guest vocals.

“The only war worth fighting is humanity’s war of liberation against the oppressive 1%,” says Buechner of the song’s — and album’s — lyrical bent.

Fight As One also features guest appearances from hardcore luminaries Freddie Cricien of Madball on the title track, and Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed on “Sense of Doom.”

“Everyone in the band unified and composed some outstanding material together,” adds Buechner about the album.

Thousand Yard Stare will be available for download and streaming on November 11 on all digital streaming services worldwide through Upstate Records and Bloodblast Distribution.  Pre-save Thousand Yard Stare on your favorite streaming platform here.