Video Premiere: Satanic Tea Co. – “Human Tea” (ft. Cryptopsy’s Matt McGachy)

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Fans of Canada’s most evil tea peddlers, Satanic Tea Co., now have a have a soundtrack for their unholy sipping. STC founder, and former Slumlord vocalist, Crucifix, has jumped from making tea to making brutal old-school death metal. The natural next step, no? His newest effort is a hilariously over the top video for the on-brand “Human Tea.”

Just to be clear, “Human Tea”—that is to say, tea made from humans—is not an actual offering by Satanic Tea Co., because we’re pretty sure the market for that would be limited to like Jeffrey Dahmer and a maybe some “lost” tribes in New Guinea. But, hey, we can all enjoy the video, which features Crucifix barfing up a bunch of bloody tea as he’s released from his action-figure packaging.

The track is set for eventual release on an EP and features the additional vocal talents of Cryptopsy frontman Matt McGachy. Though there is currently no Satanic Tea Co. band, the music for this track was created and mastered by Scott Olyphant, with Crucifix providing the lead vocals.

If you like what you see and hear, you can find the new track, as well as the previous Satanic Tea Co. single, here.

Here’s what Crucifix had to say about the latest Satanic Tea Co. track:

“I’m extremely pleased to finally release our second single and video, ‘Human Tea’. The track is much more death metal leaning than our previous debut single, ‘Blood Drenched Torture Chamber,’ and I think it really displays the direction the band is going in, as well as a great precursor to our debut EP we have just finished recording, that will be out next year. It’s such an honor to have Matt from Cryptopsy lay down the end vocal sequence; he’s really the cherry on top of this old-school ripper.”