Track Premiere: Faetooth – “La Sorcière”

Faetooth band photo
Faetooth band photo by Jon Deal Real

Back in 2019, doom quartet Faetooth emerged from the City of Angels with their stunning debut, …An Invocation. With four dynamic songs and a soft pink album cover, the EP was a perfect intro to the band’s self-described “fairy doom.” Surrounded by LA’s urban sprawl, Faetooth’s organic heaviness is a sanctuary of introspection and reverence for nature’s magic. Today Decibel Magazine is enthused to share the second single from Faetooth’s upcoming debut LP, Remnants of the Vessel. Ahead of the album’s October 28th release from Dune Altar we’re excited to share the enchanting majesty of “La Sorcière.”

From the song’s opening crush, Faetooth conjure a slow, shadow-clinging groove. But 70 seconds into the track the distortion combusts like a powder keg. The bittersweet, sedated croons splinter into shrieks and banshee howls. While drummer Rah Kanan’s hypnotic rhythms lure us deeper into the track, the guitars open portals to distant, darker realms. The hauntingly textured song was mixed and mastered by Joseph Calleiro. Down to the song’s final hum, it’s a perfect sample of the album’s lush and immersive soundscapes. It’s music rife with mystery that still achieves a familiar, soothing allure for riff worshipers. Highly recommended for fans of emotive doom, the Deftones, and occult grunge like King Woman.

Surrender to Faetooth’s spell and press play below.

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