Track Premiere: Judicator – ‘Ursa Major’


It’s never not the right time for power metal, and we have some on offer for you today. Check out the latest from Judicator, “Ursa Major.”

The song is from their new album, The Majesty of Decay, due out via Prosthetic Records on November 25. Even though power metal isn’t always my personal bag, their stuff really takes the cake. It’s still soaring and epic, but with enough gritty, plugged-in sensibilities to soothe the modern listener.

Judicator vocalist John Yelland says, “I actually wrote the music for this song many years ago. I was working at a job I hated, but every morning before work, I sat in the car for 20 to 30 minutes and wrote music. These songwriting sessions were the only good part of my day. Even now, I still associate ‘Ursa Major’ with the morning time and caramel lattes.

“While our last single ‘The High Priestess,’ marks a step away from the classic Judicator sound, our new song, ‘Ursa Major’ shows that we’re still in touch with our roots.”

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Photo by Jordan Nelson