Video Premiere: S.I.D. – ‘City of Chemistry’

SID Band photo

Back in 2019, Italian doom trio S.I.D. released their first album. Architects of Armageddon was inspired by Gianluca Di Feo’s Veleni di Stato, a non-fiction exposé focused on military secrecy and the anguish caused by a new wave of weapons. Now the band returns with their second release in a planned trilogy, the four-song EP City of Chemistry. Today Decibel Magazine shares the official music video for the EP’s title track ahead of the October 14th release date. The EP is a collaboration between SFA Records, Gruesome Records and V.A.N.G.A. Records.

Using a stark black and white visual theme, the “City of Chemistry” video intercuts footage of devastating explosions. That’s a suitable background for S.I.D.’s harrowing, monochromatic churn. The song crawls with power and heft, transcending several slow ‘n’ low subgenres to emerge as crusty funeral sludge. The band’s heaviness is amplified even more by the grim messaging and their devotion to the themes. It’s a song that represents the eerie dynamic shifts within the EP, shapeshifting from thick distortion to chilling ambient. After a mid-song segue separated by billowing smoke, a disembodied voice calmly recounts military impropriety atop shivering clean guitars. The song perfectly leads into album closer “The Spill,” but you’ll need to stay tuned to hear that crusher.

Declare war on warfare and press play on S.I.D.’s “City of Chemistry” below.

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