Video Premiere: Ggu:ll – “Enkel Achterland”

Photo by of William Voort 

We have for you today the latest slice of weirdness from Ggu:ll, “Enkel Achterland,” from their forthcoming record Ex Est, out October 21 via Consouling Sounds.

The track combines influences from doom, drone, noise and psychedelic soundscapes to weave an odd tapestry of auditory hallucinations. While this particular album is more aggressive than their past work, “Achterland” also still manages to be moody and reflective.

“We are thrilled to release the first single of our upcoming album, Enkel Achterland,” the band says. “In Dutch, the word ‘voorland’ means future. We use ‘achterland’ as its counterpart, meaning past. ‘Enkel achterland’ translates to ‘only past.’ It’s a downward spiraling journey towards death. The point at which there is no more future and everything lies behind you. No more new experiences, no more new memories to be made, and yet the bewildering thing is that it holds in itself… salvation.

“After our debut, we broadened our musical landscape. This first track still breathes ‘Dwaling’ and adds some new flavors into the mix. Taking a heavy doom start it turns into a hardcore infused blackness and a downward spiraling finale. A maelstrom of mayhem before all goes silent.”

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