Video Premiere: Of Wolves – “Jesus Jihad”

Of Wolves

Chicago doomy, grungy, sludgy riff-masters Of Wolves are gracing us today with a cool, dark but nostalgic video for their latest release, “Jesus Jihad.”

The track has an almost Acid Bath-inspired vibe also channeling bands like The Jesus Lizard and Unsane—highlighting all the darkness in the world through trippy visualizations and dank, sludgy riffs.

“Jesus Jihad is about all the fucked up shit we do in the world, specifically (in this case) Iraq, the war on terror, 911, the family and all the lies,” the band say. “The crusades never ended… I knew we wanted a female voice that could capture the love, loss, and pain. A voice that would put you right in the middle of it all. I heard it in my head, and Jelena (Dobric) nailed it better than we even hoped. Shes a true professional, completely blew us away.

“She was actually the second singer we found for this. The first female singer from that area that we found was about to go into the studio to lay her tracks and was threatened by her family and was scared for her life. She actually emailed us back later and was on the run. Not too long ago, we were glad to hear she got away and once she was in a safe area started her own band. The video is based on and around a documentary that perfectly tells the entire story. At the same time, it could easily fit into many situations including the fascist cult shit going on in the U.S. right now.

“Greed, power, Life and loss… Personally, we think there is nothing darker or heavier than that. It is about being a good human being rather than fucking scum, and I would like to think most of us have had enough of it. We, as a society, are only as strong as our weakest link, and in that regard, we are all one and we need to learn to stand together as a whole. Stop allowing ourselves to be divided. Only then can we live in the paradise that this earth is meant to be. Not to be enslaved by the greedy hoarders who seem hell-bent on having it all whilst destroying everything in their wake, leaving the rest of us just enough to barely survive.”

Of Wolves are constantly working on new material and plan to be in the studio again by the end of the year. Check out all their links here.