Blast Worship: Konflicts

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Where they from?
Sikkim, India. Well, it’s week one, and the Jets’ season is already over. When your team is so consistently bad, it makes it to get excited for the sport of football. It would be like if you loved going to the movies but every time you went you had to watch Mike Meyers in The Cat in the Hat. After a while you would just stop going. Maybe I should just take up knitting.

Why the hype?
It is pretty rare to discover a grindcore band who originate from India, but it’s even rarer when said band kicks complete ass. Konflicts state in their Bandcamp bio that they are not afraid to mess with sonic boundaries, blending elements of grind with eerie instrumentals and soundscapes as well as the occasional chanting. The result is incredibly creative, ferocious music that puts them in the same class as the Gridlinks and Takafumi Matsubara’s of the world. Also, they spell ‘conflicts’ with a ‘k,’ so you know they mean fucking business.

Latest release?
Antya Ko Shuruwaat, self-released. In my column about Pilori a few weeks ago, I wrote about the power a sweeping closer can have on a grindcore album. Well, here we have the opposite, a haunting dystopian soundscape to serve as the album’s opener. Intros are incredibly important to grindcore (see: Pig Destroyer’s “Jennifer”) and it’s always a rather big risk to start the album off with a slower number, but Konflicts pull it off rather well (don’t ya think?), slowly building the melodic misery up until it collapses onto the listener into a violent, off-kilter cacophony. Also, I really dig the Slipknot riff in “Vikriti.”