Track Premiere: Hear INTRANCED’s Traditional Metal Fire (ft. James-Paul Luna of Holy Grail)

Over the last few years, members of L.A. trad-metal heroes Holy Grail have been popping up in unlikely places. First, lead shredder Eli Santana appeared as a recurring character on HBO’s WestWorld before becoming the vocalist for Orange County hardcore troupe Ignite. Then, other lead shredder Alex Lee joined DevilDriver. Most recently, drummer Tyler Meahl has been filling in with Romanian ice metal killers Persekutor. And now—in perhaps the only one of these second acts that doesn’t elicit a double-take—HG vocalist James-Paul Luna brings his skyscraping range and luscious locks to his new band, Intranced.

Taking inspiration from the greats of ’70s hard rock and ’80s metal, Luna and his bandmates—guitarist Fili Bibiano and drummer Ben Richardson (both of LA metallers Fortress)— write catchy-as-fuck songs with dizzying solos and deadly vocals. Like some of the best classic metal bands—think Sabbath and Maiden—they have a self-titled song on their self-titled release. “We wrote this song about love and the cunning, baffling and powerful tricks it can play on lost lovers,” Luna tells Decibel. “This was one of the first demo riffs I heard from Fili, with a chorus that stayed in my head. We tried to give the vocals a Judas Priest and W.A.S.P. kinda vibe, which I think works really well for this band. It was a bold move to declare this the eponymous track, but we’re all super happy with how it turned out.”

Check out “Intranced” at the link below and revel in a triumphant blast of what the band is calling the Latino Wave of British Heavy Metal, a.k.a., the LatiNWOBHM. They’re currently on tour with Haunt and Seven Sisters, and will return to L.A. for their record release party on September 24th at SGV Sound with Persekutor and Space Vacation.