Track Premiere: Miscreance – “The Garden”

In its first blush nearly forty years ago, thrash was a fairly simple and linear advancement of metal. It was basically speedy riffs set to (frequently) double bass-driven tempos. You can still find plenty of examples of that version of thrash today, but this new blast from Italian quartet Miscreance—Emiliano Zinà (bass), Andrea Feltrin (drums/vocals), Andrea Granauro (guitar), Tommaso Cappelletti (guitar)—is not that. “The Garden” could better be described as progressive death metal with thrash leanings. It has the intensity and rush of thrash with a whole lotta twists and turns. The track may be just over four minutes long, but it winds through all kinds of musical landscapes, with riffs flying in every direction—and the musicianship is off the charts.

“The Garden” is the latest single from Miscreance’s full-length debut, Convergence, which is set for release on September 19 via Unspeakable Axe Records (CD), Danex Records (vinyl) and Desert Wastelands (cassette), as well as digitally. You can place your preorder at the Unspeakable Axe bandcamp page here or at the label’s web store here.

Here’s what the band had to say about the new track:

“‘The Garden’ draws a parallel between the perfection of the Garden of Eden and the apparent-perfection of this fake existence, which reveals itself to be an induced lucid dream that no one can escape from.”