Video Premiere: Glassing – “Sulk”

Austin’s Glassing have spent the past half-decade crashing fractured, damaged noise rock into shimmering shoegaze and post-metal, coming up with songs that are equally as likely to inspire wide-eyed terror as crying in the middle of the pit. Their third full-length, last year’s Twin Dream, saw the band striking their cleanest balance between those poles yet by pushing both to their extremes. It contained some of their most starkly beautiful songs to date, but it also cranked its heaviest passages to an even more feverish pitch.

It’s that latter mode that Glassing taps into on “Dire” and “Sulk,” the two tunes that comprise a new 7-inch/cassingle on Medication Time and Brutal Panda Records. Perhaps that’s thanks to the infusion of fresh blood in the form of drummer Scott Osment (Deaf Club, Weak Flesh). Osment’s first recording with Glassing sees him pummeling the songs into terrifyingly heavy shape. Guitarist Cory Brim and vocalist/bassist Dustin Coffman match him for intensity, making “Dire/Sulk” the most direct, punishing Glassing release to date. Watch a sweaty video for “Sulk” below, and read what Brim, Coffman, and Osment had to say about the record.

Cory Brim, guitar: “This is the first time where I used a ton of chorus and octave-up in the guitars for a super alien chromatic feel, on top of it being just more in your face than our earlier material.”

Dustin Coffman, vocals and bass: “Thematically ‘Dire’ and ‘Sulk’ are expressions of how inescapable we are from our own environments and, more treacherously, ourselves.”

Scott Osment, drums: “This was my first time writing with Glassing, after being a fan of them since their first show. It felt odd to add my own ideas at first, but after months of playing together, I feel like these songs best represent how we gel.”

Order the “Dire/Sulk” 7 inch here.

Catch Glassing on tour here:
8/26 Albuquerque, NM @ Fly Honey Warehouse
8/27 SLC, UT @ Crucial Fest
8/28 Denver, CO @ HQ
8/29 Kansas City, MO @ Farewell
8/30 Evansville, IN @ Lamasco
8/31 Nashville, TN @ DRKMTTR
9/1 Atlanta, GA @ 529
9/2 Richmond, VA @ Cobra Cabana
9/3 Long Island, NY @ Massapequa VFW
9/4 Providence @ Dusk
9/5 Brooklyn, NY @ St. Vitus
9/6 Pittsburgh, PA @ Collision
9/7 Cleveland, OH @ No Class
9/09 Grand Rapids, MI @ Pyramid Scheme
9/10 Indianapolis, IN @ Post. Fest
9/11 Milwaukee, WI @ X-Ray Cafe
9/12 Chicago, IL @ The Beat Kitchen
9/13 Bloomington, IL @ Nightshop
9/14 Memphis, TN @ Growlers
9/15 OKC, OK @ The Sanctuary
9/16 Denton @ Andy’s
9/17 Austin, TX @ Valhalla