Track Premiere: Acephalix – “Godheads”

San Francisco has long been a hotbed of incredible talent and passion in the greater extreme metal scene. Deranged death-crust purveyors Acephalix are no exception, and since arriving on the scene in the late-’00s they’ve just proven the rule with record after powerful record. On September 30, they return with Theothanatology, a brutally direct octet of songs, one of which is the deity-destroying “Godheads,” which you can listen to here, right now.

About working on Theothanatology, guitarist Adam Camara says, “this entire album is particularly important to me for a handful of reasons. Mainly due to stepping into the role of writing a majority of the material and having to fill some really big shoes in the process. Prior to me joining the band, Acephalix was one of my all-time favorite current Death Metal bands as well. To put 110% into this release and carry the torch the best that I knew how was top priority. Dan [Butler, vocalist] and Dave’s [Benson, drummer] performances on this record are absolutely their most ferocious and unrelenting by far. Throughout the recording process I was continuously blown away by what they were laying down.”

Theothanatology boasts a different lineup than any of the previous Acephalix records, but longtime drummer David Benson explains why that information is a little misleading. “Adam Camara, who wrote the majority of the new album, has been in Acephalix for five years. Erika joined us as a live member four years ago and is now a permanent member, so the lineup isn’t really that new. They carry undisputed reputations as exceptional players, and now they’re driving us forward. We’ve had several incredibly adept past members in the fold, with whom we continue to maintain friendly contact. Our relationships with one-another are rooted in respect, and everyone has a voice. It may seem strange to talk about concepts like supportive language and emotional availability within the context of a Death Metal band, but Acephalix has always encouraged openness between its members.”

Dan Butler can also clearly articulate the differences between his participation in Vastum versus his work with Acephalix. “I’d say there’s a difference, but it’s subtle and largely due to musical differences between Vastum and Acephalix. Vastum isn’t as punk; the sound is a bit moodier, darker, more introspective, which changes the way I feel about how and what I’m singing. Conceptually, the bands explore similar themes: death, corporeality, eroticism, religion, mysticism, the unconscious, etc. Acephalix goes about that exploration with more aggression than introspection, more of a street style than a ritualistic solemnity.”

20 Buck Spin will release Theothanatology on LP, CD, cassette, and digital platforms on September 30. Find digital preorders HERE and watch for physical preorders and merch to post alongside additional audio previews and more over the weeks ahead.