The New-Look Decibel Web Store Opens With Limited Autographed FULL OF HELL Vinyl

Longtime Decibel readers know that we hold a special place in our hearts for all things old-school. We love our vinyl collections; our favorite death metal records are almost old enough to be president; hell, we still dutifully put out monthly magazines waiting for this collapse of print media we’ve been hearing so much about. In some fringe cases, however, we get with the times and learn that upgrades are necessary. While you won’t find our editor-in-chief doing his favorite dances on TikTok anytime soon, we are proud to announce that our web store has gotten a much needed facelift and is ready to greet the world.

To mark the occasion, we have taken our meager few remaining copies of Full of Hell’s amazing Garden of Burning Apparitions and had every member of extreme music’s mad lads sign the cover of the jacket in permanent gold ink right before they crushed the Fillmore at this year’s Metal & Beer Fest: Philly. It may no longer be mint condition, but with only a scant 24 copies left for purchase, we hope you won’t mind.

Thank you for your continued support of North America’s only monthly metal magazine!