Album Premiere: Oktas – ‘The Finite and the Infinite’

The latest from Oktas, the epic, full-length The Finite and The Infinite, is streaming with us right now, and it’s the perfect way to start off your week.
The Finite and The Infinite, out June 21, is a collection of four, nine-minute compositions that deal with, in the band’s words, “self-inflicted wounds of mankind. The destruction of ourselves, of our world and the inability to reconcile with any of it.”

The dark, soaring bass and cello notes work together in a gorgeous, epic way to bring forth some of the heaviest and most beautiful proggy Philadelphia metal these ears have ever heard, as well as some of the most impressive bass riffing.

“I read heavily from the books of Burton and Butler when it comes to my bass playing,” says Bob Stokes of the band. I love playing it like a guitar. I love washed out tremolo picked leads and holding down big, colossal bass chords. Especially a low B chord doubled up with a second bass, dark fuzzy distortion and out of 50-year-old tube amp. That’s the sound we were trying to capture.”


Get the album here.