Track Premiere: Bloodlet – “Stealing Fire”

The ensuing wrath would extinguish the world…

That line from “Stealing Fire” is some serious truth in advertising — not just for the track itself, which is almost unimaginably vital and deft for a reactivated crew of legendary trailblazers that first began slaying dark metallic hardcore with trademark serrated grooves three decades ago, but also for the entire catalog of now-certifiably timeless Bloodlet jams, from Eclectic and Entheogen through Three Humid Nights in the Cypress Trees.

“‘Stealing Fire’ is the story of Prometheus’ eternal punishment for gifting fire to man,” Bloodlet vocalist Scott Angelacos tells Decibel. “For his crime he was chained to a rock and had his liver eaten by a bird every night only to be reborn and suffer the same fate again. He was offered his freedom many times if he would turn his back on man, but refused and embraced his suffering.

“I am drawn to this story as it perfectly fits into the feelings Bloodlet has always tried to convey in our lyrics as well as our music; Righteous suffering and catharsis through pain.”

Check out the exclusive premiere of “Stealing Fire” below as well as the summer tour dates — and be grateful that when it comes to Bloodlet what appeared dead was only in extended slumber.