Video Premiere: Anticreation – From the Dust of Embers

Photo courtesy of Anticreation

If you’re in the mood for unrelenting brutality mixed with abysmal black metal, Anticreation are just the ticket.

From the Dust of Embers, the colossal, debut full-length album from Greek black/death metal legion Anticreation, will be released July 8 via Sentient Ruin and Nuclear Winter Records. We have the pleasure of debuting the bone-breaking ferocity that is its title track.

The press release calls this record an “aural declaration of war toward the insignificance of all terrain things. Monstrous walls of low-end dissonance churn and fume like sprawling hellfires, while dark ambient and ritualistic debris metastasizes around the telluric instrumental sections creating a grandiose and enveloping hellscape shrouded in darkness and death.” And they aren’t wrong—The combination of slamming death riffs and black metal flavor and depth has a mesmerizing effect on the listener.

Necro and Noctus, core members of Anticreation, and are both well-known in the Greek black metal scene from bands like Burial hordes, Enshadowed, and Merciless Crucifixion, among others.

“Anticreation is a vessel unto fusing Necro’s and Noctus’ long running expertise in black metal and the duo’s interest and fascination in the bleakest and most otherworldly forms of dark death metal, namely that one conceived in various waves by bastions of the genre,” the press release explains. This song is making us count the days before the album drops.

In the U.S., get the album on Bandcamp or from Sentient Ruin. In Europe, get it from Nuclear Winter Records or Bandcamp