Full Album Premeire: Magnatar – ‘Crushed’


The new Magnatar record, Crushed, is out June 3 via Seeing Red Records, and you get the first taste of the doomy goodness right here with us.

Assembled in the mountainous state of New Hampshire, the band bring about a sound rife with hellish, off-metered dissonance and drone, introspective ambient passages, and a vocal style that transitions between harsh and hypnotic. After an EP release in 2017 and an extended single release in 2018, their debut album, Crushed, brings a new ferocity to their discography.

Crushed began as a concept album, but soon transformed into to a much more personal reflection as time went on,” says guitarist, vocalist, and synth player Eric Sauter. “The album is a chronological passage of a relationship I was in that started as a loving partnership but slowly turned into me being the victim of domestic violence for a little over a year. These combined pieces of music stand to testify to the series of emotions felt while being the brunt of such a horrific experience. It serves as a glimpse into experiencing the true darkness and pure evil that can reside inside of someone, as well as the self destructive nature we hold within ourselves.”