Five For Friday: May 27, 2022

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Decibel readers!

This week is good for a certain kind of metalhead — one who wants metal to take no prisoners never let the foot off the gas pedal, and eschew all atmospherics for pure punishment. With one doomy exception, this week’s selection is for those who want metal to fulfill all the promises of it’s detractors: “It’s just endless blasting noise! How can you LISTEN to that garbage!?”

Meanwhile here’s all of us:

Besvärjelsen – Atlas

If you need a cool-down from the other material on this list, this Swedish outfits dreamy doom rock is a good way to go. But don’t get me wrong, there’s still tons of power and energy to be found on this record — from the strong riff-work, to the haunting vocals, and the crushing rhythms. The soundtrack to your next haunted road trip.

Stream: Apple Music

Brutality – Sempiternity

Ok, now for the brutal stuff. And how fitting that it start with the death metal veterans in Brutality. From our premiere of “Orchestrated Devastation”:

Even this new full-length, however, comes as something of a (possible) swansong. The quintet—Scott Reigel (vocals), Jeff Acres (bass/vocals), Jay Fernandez (guitar), Jarrett Pritchard (guitar) and Ronnie Parmer (drums)—apparently decided to call it quits in late 2020, but were encouraged by Emanzipation Productions to issue one final full-length documenting the last incarnation of Brutality (which may or may not continue on . . .). Four songs recorded live at Maryland Death Fest in 2019 (“These Walls Shall Be Your Grave”, “Cries Of The Forsaken”, “Cryptorium” and “48 To 52”) anchor Sempiternity, and are augmented by two tracks previously issued on a 7″ in 2018 (“Crushed” and “Artistic Butchery”).

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Haserot – Throne of Malice

From our full stream of Throne of Malice:

Haserot are Houston based and they are ’90s death metal devotees who aren’t shy about adding some well-placed melody in their wicked exhortations. Do they have a Texas or, more specifically, a Houston “sound.” Not really, but there’s definitely a bit of groove, and a little Texas swing, to some of the five tracks on their debut EP which may or may not be locale-related. Mostly they just rip it up like not much happened in the death metal world in the last couple of decades. Nothing wrong with that.

Stream: Apple Music

Heaving Earth – Darkness of God

Well, they definitely have good taste in song titles. Heaving Earth‘s sound combines portions of tech death with elements of black metal and more off-putting avant-garde arrangements that keep the listener guessing. Regardless of what direction you’re coming from, if you like dissonance and precision in equal measure, you’ll enjoy this.

Sensory Amusia – Breed Death

BREE BREE BREEEEEE!!!!! Wake up, man! Inflation, pandemic, war in Europe? Dude what are you talking about? It’s roughly 2008 to 2011, time for some deathcore! Ok ok ok, that’s not fair. Sensory Amusia brings their own unique flair and precision that tech death and slam fans will appreciate as well.

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