Streaming: Getting Violent and Rotten with Rottenness’ Violentopia

While we’re not going to spit out assumptions and say something to the effect of ‘death metal bashers Rottenness need no introduction by now,’ Decibel has regularly charted the trials and tribulations of the band across the expanse of time — or at least since they reunited back in 2012. This includes their stint as a bass-less trio, when their lineups were fully based in Mexico and their porno-grindy past through to the band living off the avails of Latin pop super-star Ricky Martin — lone original member and head honcho Jaleel Castillo bank rolled the band for a few years via his former day-job as Martin’s assistant tour manager — and their existence now as a powerhouse quintet based on both sides of Trump’s invisible wall getting ready to release their third album, Violentopia on Poland’s Selfmadegod label. In advance of the album’s release tomorrow, we’re offering you the opportunity to give ‘er a whirl a few hours ahead of schedule. Check out the stream below. We asked for a bit of a rundown on the latest happenings in the rotten world of Rottenness and for a bit of a blurb about Violentopia. The band responded with:

“We are not changing anything from our past. We still play good old-fashion brutal death grind, if you want to call it that. We started on our last US tour decomposing the new songs and the extra free time gave us the chance to work on them for quite a while. I really enjoy the way the new members have created their own parts and it made the sound more brutal. Traveling back and forth for a couple of years we could develop what Violentopia is and were very, very happy with the result.

“This time we had the pleasure to work with cool people from the metal scene. Thanks to Matti Guey (vocals) who invested time and effort to get the correct contacts who helped us produce the material. We don’t have enough words to thank for the time and work Rob Caldwell (mixing) and Davide Billia (mastering) at MK2 Recording Studio did.

“So far, the sound is amazing and reflects the band perfectly. We released our first single, ‘Gringocide,’ ripping through a variety of slamming chords, blast beats, catchy hooks, as well as a shredding guest guitar solo from Andy Nelson (ex-Abysmal Dawn, Enfold Darkness). Prepare yourself for the gringocide!!

“Founding member, Jaleel Castillo (guitars) has revamped the lineup with the additions of Matt Johnson (drums), Karl Schmidt (bass/vocals) from the mighty Gorgatron, Ray Nevison (guitars) and still kicking and coming up with sick lyrics, since 2014 is  Mr. Matthias ‘Matti Güey’ Joyce (vocals). These members came together to record the band’s most blisteringly furious, ambitious, and eclectic record to date.

“Upcoming, the band will present the new album at the Chicago Death Fest in July, our first showing on American soil for 2022, but we haven’t lost the hope to play in front of good people very soon in the future.”

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