Come to Grief guitarist Terry Savastano details Apple Music playlist choices

To celebrate the release of their beautifully miserable new full-length of sludge and doom, When the World Dies, out tomorrow on Translation Loss, we caught up with Come to Grief guitarist Terry Savastano to get him to guest curate a playlist for us over at Apple Music.

You can check out the playlist here, and today you can also read some explanations from Savastano about why he picked each song. Read on to find out why he picked cuts from Free, Skynyrd, Slayer, Celtic Frost and many others.

1. Ramones – “I Don’t Care”
Sums up how I feel quite often.

2. The Jimi Hendrix Experience – “Manic Depression”
See above.

3. Celtic Frost – “Visions of Mortality”
The heaviest from one of the heaviest. So inspiring.

4. The Stooges – “Dirt”
The dirtiest from the dirtiest. Stooges’ Funhouse is the ultimate sex record.

5. Black Sabbath – “Under the Sun”
My favorite song from my favorite band. Pretty much the template for how I live my life.

6. Free – “Soon I Will Be Gone”
Probably play this at my funeral. Very moving. Such an underrated band. I worship Free.

7. Motörhead – “One Track Mind”
I prefer the “classic” Motörhead lineup, but this song conveys where I’m at, totally.

8. West, Bruce & Laing – “Out Into the Fields”
So moving. Brings a tear to my eye every time.

9. Radio Birdman – “Dark Surprise”
Spent a weekend in Vegas and this was the soundtrack. Read the lyrics if you can.

10. Paradise Lost – “Falling Forever”
Very much in line with my thought process. Great vocals, heavy as fuck guitars and right-on subject matter.

11. Lynyrd Skynyrd – “I Need You”
Man, could they write a ballad. Song goes right through me. I love all the RVZ Skynyrd. Super important.

12. Saint Vitus – “The Lost Feeling”
My biggest inspiration when starting to play “doom.” Certainly would not be typing these words if not for Saint Vitus.

13. Thin Lizzy – “Don’t Believe a Word”
Difficult to select just one Thin Lizzy track as they are all great and special in their own way.

14. Slayer – “Kill Again”
In high school, people thought I was a Satanist because of the long hair and Slayer and Mercyful Fate T-shirts. Jocks stayed away from me. Kill again, indeed!

15. Poison Idea – “Made to Be Broken”
My favorite track from my favorite hardcore band. Hugely inspirational. Live life YOUR way.