Full Split 7″ Premiere: Razör Förge/Chaoshorde

Vicious Witch Records’ tagline is “Old School Underground with Attitude,” which tidily sums up the label’s latest release, a split 7″ featuring newcomers Razör Förge and Greek black thrashers, Chaoshorde. Between the two units, this deluxe 7″ gatefold split offers up two (plus an intro) tracks of raging lo-fi grime.

Razör Förge split the difference between NWOBHM and off-the-rails first-wave Teutonic thrash. “Profane Savage” feels raw, ragged and passionate. Chaoshorde go full tilt on the first wave black metal tip with a nod to classic early ’80s speed metal. “Chäos Räisers” invokes Hellhammer and then goes bat-outta-hell rushing toward as many riffs and solos as they can fit in four minutes of blasphemy.

All this can be yours on vinyl or digital format by clicking on the “buy” link on the bandcamp stream below.

A Razör Förge quote about their tracks:

“This first strike of the hammer on the anvil will not be our last, but it will leave all true die-hards pumping their fists. So metal legions, hear our call to arms and bang or be banged! We hail you all!”

A Chaoshorde quote about their track:

Our new sonic blasphemy is four minutes of relentless, pure filth that will plunge the listener into the deepest black/thrash abyss with full force and speed!”