Video Premiere: Oxalate – ‘Infatuating Sickness’

New Jersey has given us very few good things over time—namely The Sopranos and Deadguy—but the state’s death metal cred is assured. Oxalate are one such band carrying that tradition, releasing a steady stream of music since their 2017 inception. The title track to their most recent EP, “Infatuating Sickness” was released in 2019 but is finally getting the video treatment today.

The video, which was directed and edited by Oxalate drummer/vocalist Jackie Betancourt, features mostly live performance clips and other band activities, with a well-placed violent sample for good measure. Guitarist Zakk Mild says that this video is the last release from the Infatuating Sickness EP and Oxalate are now preparing to release new music.

Musically, “Infatuating Sickness” is a slab of pure death metal. The quartet rip through the track in under three minutes, serving up a fast and discordant sound. Check out the song and video below; Infatuating Sickness is out now.