Track Premiere: Bat Magic – “Ritualia Festum In Ichor Noster”

When Satan and his minions fail to provide the quality content necessary to fuel the creative inspiration of black metal bands worldwide, it’s completely understandable that they should look elsewhere for the dark topical subject matter that befits their sepulchral squalls. Zombies are too cartoonish, werewolves too flea-bitten and ghosts have never had much pull in the realm of “scary” since some idiot rebranded them as “friendly.” So what are with we left with? Vampires. They’re undead; they live on human blood; they sleep in fucking coffins; and can apparently transform into bats. Checks all the black metal boxes.

So let us present one half of an upcoming split, Wampyric Knights, featuring Bat Magic—The Mighty Winged Necromancer (bass), The Impaler (drums), The Haunted Strigoi of Night (guitars), The Ghastly Vrykolak (guitars), He Who Drinks the Blood of Sleeping Babies (keyboards), Vespertine Screech (vocals)—performing “Ritualia Festum In Ichor Noster.” The other half will be performed by Cape of Bats, and, yes, it’s all about vampires. In fact, “Ritualia Festum In Ichor Noster” is basically a short story about a dude discovering he’s become a vampire, set to 10 minutes of of lo-fi black metal rasp—basically cycling through every move in the black metal book. The Sanguine Shredder (aka Jacob Buczarski) provides a solo toward the end of the piece. There’s an additional three-minute instrumental of gothic, distorted keyboards tacked on to the end to complete the vibe.

Wampyric Knights is set for release sometime in the near future via Labyrinth Tower, Babylon Doom Cult Records and Bat Magick. You can also purchase other vampire-related releases here.