Video Premiere: Møtivatiøn – ‘Hel Føn Ágnum Klár Føn Bryn Ànd Licht Føn Gást’

Møtivatiøn is a band shrouded in weirdness and mystery. The oddball doom collective features contributions from an extensive list of accomplished musicians—members of Faith No More, Throbbing Gristle, Agnostic Front, L7, Lunachicks, Toxic Holocaust, EyeHateGod, Black Anvil, High Reeper, Obituary, the Andrew W. K. band and plenty more—connect on Møtivatiøn’s first release, The Infinite 8 Steps tø Pøwer / Møney / Møre.

Today, Decibel premieres the video for “Hel Føn Ágnum Klár Føn Bryn Ànd Licht Føn Gást.” The ambitious track has a ritualistic feel about it, blending primal drumming, sparkling ambient and strummed acoustic guitar with lumbering doom. “Hel Føn Ágnum Klár Føn Bryn Ànd Licht Føn Gást” is fully instrumental but the song says plenty, traversing the area between soaring crescendos and crushing lows. The song features collective members JB Van Der Wal (DOOL, Ûngrûn) and Thomas Haywood (Humanity is Cancer, Redefining Darkness Records).

When reached for a comment, Møtivatiøn offered another cryptic message:

“In celebration of the Mømentus occasion of the completion of the first Nøde of the Human Bløckchain (BETA///138), the Møtivatiøn Cøllective has produced THIS offering. It is our hope and intention that this act of creative experimentation, this demonstration of the power of connectivity and the incredible technology of the collective human neural network, supercharge the psyche of all who were bold enough to participate, and act as a beacon to all on the quest for PURE MØTIVATIØN.”

Take the ride for yourself below. The Infinite 8 Steps tø Pøwer / Møney / Møre is out now via Seeing Red Records.