Full Album Stream: Eunoia – “Psyop of the Year”

Song of the year this, album of the year that—let’s talk about the Psyop of the Year. The new record from Ohio-based trio Eunoia is a weird mix of mathcore and grunge with a blackened glaze on top.

Since this is a psyop, the information regarding the band given to Decibel is unclear. Official recommendation is to listen to the album—pay particular attention to tracks “How to Watch Pro Football” and “Black Highlighter.” This tape will not self-destruct after listening. A cryptic message regarding the band was relayed to Decibel.

“The psychological operation ‘EUNOIA’ upon the release of its full-length album has been terminated without notice. Operatives Nichols and Aasen have been relocated to operation Tina Fey while Patsy C’s whereabouts remain unknown. When contacted for comment, the group’s only response was ‘Lee Oswald did nothing wrong.'”

While global authorities attempt to locate Eunoia, Decibel is streaming the entirety of Psyop of the Year right now. Nefarious Industries and Tomb Tree Tapes are responsible for this information leak.