Blast Worship – Human Cull

Where they from?
Bristol, U.K. I grew up near Bristol, Connecticut and did not realize there was also a Bristol, U.K. What a mind meld, man. You know, it’s like you think you know how this world operates and then you go to write an article about a grindcore band and suddenly BOOM, your universe is totally shattered. I mean, how am I supposed to move on after this realization?

Why the hype?
I’ve heard various rumblings about Human Cull for a few years now but never really sat down to give them a proper listen until I was fishing around on Bandcamp last week and saw they had released a new album and figured, why not? And, damn, am I glad I did.

It’s been a pretty long time since I’ve heard some really quality sci-fi dystopian type grindcore in this vein and spinning “To Weep for Unconquered Worlds” makes me realize how much I missed that shit. Some of the songs hear really harken back to those early 2000 Polish bands like Nyia and Antigama, who found such scientific ways to illustrate grindcore with some really colorful and evocative contortions that could only be described as the musical equivalent of a really gripping science fiction/horror film (ya know, like The Phantom Menace). I would imagine bands like this would play in my head as I slowly spin off to an ominous death in space like that dude in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Latest Release?
To Weep For Unconquered Worlds, self-released. If I had to pick a favorite track off of here I think it would have to be “Time of Ending,” which starts with this really off-kilter thrash/circle pit riff and then angularly twists itself some serious Noisear riffage before returning to the anthemic opening riff. The danger of a lot of these highly dissonant bands is that songwriting usually takes a backseat to just playing weird sounding chords over and over, but not these guys! They are like the Britney Spears of myopic death/grind. Hit me baby, one more time.