Blast Worship: BLCKHWK

Where they from?
Bandung, Indonesia. I know there’s a lot going on in the world right now, but can I just take a minute to say what the fuck is up with the MLB? Cancelling the first week of the season because you can’t agree on a new CBA? Do you know how disappointing that is, the fact that I, your average red-blooded American, now has to take time out of his precious spring time months to look up what a CBA is? The Mets should be gearing up for another disappointing season, what’s wrong with you?

Why the hype?
It’s 2022 and HM-2 breakdowns aren’t just a Scandinavian thing anymore! These guys pack a hell of a wallop that will please any disciple of the Nasum/Rotten Sound school.  These guys have plenty of moments that sound like vintage Nails (by vintage I mean 2010). It’s honestly kind of refreshing to hear a grindcore band that wants to sound like an actual grindcore band! The blast beats are tight and articulate and never really serve as an after thought the way they do with a lot of modern bands. Excited to see a newer band so dedicating itself to the tenets of TRVE GRIND.

Latest Release?
Decomposing Rotting Flesh, released in January on Disaster Records. Like I said previously, there are some serious beatdowns on this record, specifically on the title track and the stellar “Future Human,” which channels vintage (there’s that word again) Magrudergrind. God, remember the early 2010s? Such amazing years for shitty music — HOW WE TOOK IT FOR GRANTED!