Track Premiere: Night Eyez “Sunset”

Night Eyez

Night Eyez is the product of Jason Hartman, who’s better known for his involvement in Madison, Wisconsin-based explorers (self-tagged as “somnambulic doom”) Vanishing Kids. The able-skilled musician has also been seen in doom-rock icons Jex Thoth. With Night Eyez, Hartman finds his ’80s-’90s indie aesthetic in full bloom, where swirling guitars, distorted vocals, and punchy percussion recall bygone “alternative” anthems. Whether it’s flirting with The Cure, the urban decay of Massive Attack, or the fuzz of early Smashing Pumpkins, Night Eyez has it all.

“Sunset” is a slow, pounding burn of a track. It evinces a colorful, possibly sinful atmosphere across its psychedelic husk. This is music for the night, when things go bump, clank, and “Hey, wanna buy?” in dark alleys, dive bars, and low-end strip clubs. This is music for people on early morning road trips to the local gas station, where their gleaming windows tell of terrible things (to eat) inside. “Sunset” is music for kids getting drunk on Lollapalooza 1991 YouTube clips.

Says Hartman: “‘Sunset’ is about trying make the right choices and take the best, safest paths in a dark world. We can forget how fragile our existence is. We should never underestimate the night!”

Dive into the polychromatic, multi-sensory world of Night Eyez… Anyone have some Manic Panic?

** Night Eyez’s new, self-titled album is out March 18th on Bright As Night Records. Pre-order LP or CD from Night Eyez’s Bandcamp (HERE).