Heavy Metal Horror: ‘We Summon the Darkness’

The best/worst thing about the popularity of shows and movies like Stranger Things is the glut of nostalgia-fueled horror that came in its wake. We Summon the Darkness fits squarely into that category, telling the story of a trio of women who attend a concert for the fictional band Soldiers of Satan. On their way to the gig, a gas station attendant warns them about a string of 18 ritualistic, Satanic murders, telling them that they seem like nice girls. 

At the Soldiers of Satan show, the trio of women—Alexis, Val and Bev—meets three aspiring rockstars. The group parties together at the show before heading back to Alexis’ father’s house to continue their shenanigans. At this point, the movie breaks down into an us versus them war between the two groups, slotting the movie solidly into retro slasher territory. 

We Summon the Darkness is a fun and bloody horror film that lays the Satanic Panic and heavy metal references on thick. Johnny Knoxville has a role as an evil televangelist, in a role that works far better than it has any right to. There’s nothing particularly new about We Summon the Darkness, but it knows exactly what it is, peppering the dialogue and action with plenty of heavy metal references and inventive violence. Those seeking a fun and goofy love letter to ‘80s slashers and heavy metal will find a lot to love in We Summon the Darkness

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