Track Premiere: Hourglass — “Consumed”

It’s been a long spell of darkness, but Immigrant Sun Records has risen again.

And the label that brought us killer, gorgeously fashioned late-90s/early-‘00s releases from Die Young, Circles Over Sidelights, Sarin, I, Robot, Morning Again, and others has choses to return with some particularly blinding brilliance: A complete discography – well, for now, anyway – from stellar, underloved Buffalo noisecore outfit Hourglass…who themselves have been on a nearly quarter century hiatus.

Well, check out the exclusive stream of “Consumed” below and you, too, will likely be praying that Peter Allen was a prophet when he posited, “Everything Old is New Again.”

Check out the preorder packages via social media (Facebook, Instagram) and preorder that shit when it goes live on Friday.

“‘Consumed’ appears on the discography twice,” Hourglass guitarist Gerald Thomas tells Decibel. “It was part of the original four song demo and we didn’t think too much of it at the time. We always felt ‘Clandestine Whisper’ was our song. We shortened the intro and it just hit way harder. I think it’s a great lead track for the split LP and now the discography. 

“A funny anecdote about this track and our current iteration. Prior to the new lineup anytime I would run into Aaron Ratajczak, our current bass player, he would always air guitar and sing the opening riff of ‘Consumed.’ It kind of became a thing. Low and behold it ended up being one of the many reasons I asked him to be on board for the new version of the band. 

“We are so excited that Sean/Immigrant Sun asked us to do the discography release. Not only did it bring back a wealth of nostalgia, it caused the reformation of the band altogether.  We’re hoping to do a handful of shows to support the LP when it drops.”