Album Premiere: Deliriant Nerve – ‘Uncontrollable Ascension’

Woah, baby, do we have an early contender for grindcore album of the year! Born from the ashes of the equally furious Needle comes a new unstoppable force in Deliriant Nerve! The D.C. trio bring the same amount off intensity of their previous band but with an added death metal precision, creating one of the hardest-hitting albums I’ve heard in a while. This is nine tracks of tornado grind-by-way-of thrash in the same vein as P.L.F. and Human Obliteration.

Physical copies of the album will soon be available through the always stellar To Live a Lie, but for now enjoy this exclusive album stream via the band’s Bandcamp. Just try not to dislocate your elbow during the circle pit riffs in “Mouth Full of Eyes” when you inevitably bedroom mosh to this shit.