Track Premiere: Getting Heshy with Tantivy’s “Worthy Foe”

I first discovered sleeveless-shirt metallers Tantivy because the band started as a side project of vocalist/guitarist Adam Geurink’s main band, Wisconsin-based rollicking crusty D-beaters Wardhens. After the pandemic extricated Wardhens from their second home, the road, focus was placed on his interest in combining thrash metal with rocking hardcore punk through the filter of ‘80s spandex and bandana wristbands. Last year saw the release of the band’s debut EP, Eyes in the Night and with time still on the band’s side, they’re back with their latest single “Worthy Foe,” which you can give a whirl down below. In trumpeting their band’s newest composition — which we’re hoping is part of a forthcoming release — we had the band described to us as such:

“Hesh rockers Tantivy draw upon the iconic sounds of traditional, thrash and speed metal to deliver a powerful punch. Following their 2021 EP, Eyes in the Night, Tantivy have returned with a single that is destined to appeal to heavy metal fans across the board.
“Forming in 2020, the young metal outfit obtain inspiration from the greats in metal from Motörhead to Thin Lizzy to Dio. Throwing into the mix their vivacity, Tantivy are creating a dynamic sound that brings the well-loved elements of traditional metal into a modern production sound. The new single ‘Worthy Foe”’sees growling vocals burst out of the track with driving rhythms in the instrumentation hitting hard. Heavily distorted guitars deliver captivating riffs while the percussion explodes with each hit, an immense intensity. The chorus soars with an anthemic quality that complements the aggression of the verses while also bringing in something extra.

“‘Worthy Foe’ is just that, a truly worthy addition to the realm of metal music. Unapologetic energy fuels the entire track, bringing to life Tantivy’s distinctive personality.”

Decibel is forever grateful to Tantivy for their creation and use of the term “hesh rockers.”

Tantivy online: