Album Premiere: Vorga – ‘Striving Toward Oblivion’

Vorga band photo

In 2019, German black metal force Vorga released their Radiant Glow EP. That debut’s album cover featured a black and white splatter of stars and space dust amongst looming planets. But on Striving Toward Oblivion the band discovers vibrant colors, both on the album art and in their sound. It’s a true turning point for the band in terms of songwriting and executing their unique vision. Count your lucky stars, because Transcending Obscurity Records has granted Decibel the honor of sharing the album in its entirety. Scroll further to play Vorga’s new record well ahead of the February 4th release date.

There’s no countdown before this rocket ship launches. “Starless Sky” blasts into a frenzy while retaining its disarmingly slick melodicism. The blackened post-punk of “Comet” summons Tribulation’s gloom. The gothic shoegaze sensibilities of “Stars My Destination” remain secondary to the band’s snarled momentum. Vorga wisely never surrender urgency for melody. The emotive guitars by Atlas continuously strike a balance between menace and explorative majesty. Drummer Jervas races time itself in “Last Transmission” at the speed of (black)light. “Fool’s Paradise” conjures the starless aeons of Dissection’s soundscape with a gnashing crunch. By the time “Death Manifesting” concludes, the reverberations of vocalist/bassist Спейса’s scream have traveled to another galaxy beyond. This is black metal that has evolved beyond nostalgia and traditionalism while finding a home in the shadows of deep space.

Press play below and plunge into a starless sky with Vorga’s Striving Toward Oblivion.

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