Video Premiere: Andorkappen – “Failed Prophecies”

As a 20-plus year veteran of the Los Angeles metal and experimental music scenes, Sandor G. Finta is known as the fierce Hungarian-bred drummer of black metal trio Harassor, the man behind the outsider black metal project Lord Time and founder of the underground label Universal Consciousness. Lately, he’s been shifting into dark electronic music, and has released a shitload of EPs under the moniker Andorkappen. His first proper full-length, Reporting Live From Landa Pass (Stories From Red Hill), includes the track “Failed Prophecies,” which boasts a video directed by Eric Zimmerman, the man responsible for some of the most memorable metal clips from the late ’80s and early ’90s.

Yeah, Zimmerman’s CV is no joke: Megadeth’s “Holy Wars” and “High Speed Dirt,” Soundgarden’s “Rusty Cage” and “Jesus Christ Pose,” Nine Inch Nails’ “Head Like A Hole” and “Down In It,” Ministry’s “Stigmata” and “Burning Inside,” Napalm Death’s “Plague Rages” and the rap-metal milestone that is Public Enemy and Anthrax’s “Bring the Noise.” Check out the premiere of “Failed Prophecies” and a quick interview with Finta below.

Andorkappen “Failed Prophecies” from Tiger Eyes Media on Vimeo.

How did this happen?
I’ve known Eric for years as a dedicated and enthusiastic member and documentarian of Los Angeles’ burgeoning underground experimental/electronic scene of the past decade. I’ve socialized with him, smoked weed with him, even did interviews with him for his documentary series The Bender’s Circuit not knowing his true credentials as a director.

You didn’t know who he was?
Literally for years I would encounter him at cool underground shows, and he would be recording everything and would interview performers with fascinating discipline and consistency. It both intrigued and inspired me. After talking to him at a show one night a few years ago, I did a YouTube search and my mind was officially blown. He actually directed some of my favorite music videos of all time—not just a few, but many of them. We’re talking about stuff that played a very big role in my musical, artistic and emotional development! It was a shock to my system in the best way possible.

How did he end up directing the “Failed Prophecies” video?
I told him that I was working on my debut solo electronic album and want to make a proper music video. He of course agreed because he is a true artist who selflessly creates out of inspiration. It’s a genuine honor for me.

How did the shoot go down?
Now imagine this: we’re about to begin shooting after quite a few idea exchanges about locations and themes. We make specific plans to shoot out in the Mojave Desert for several days, and then the infamous Covid pandemic and lockdowns happen—literally the same week! Then I got properly sick with Covid just days after the lockdowns started, and that sidelined me for several weeks. We eventually decided that I should borrow Eric’s equipment and shoot everything DIY from the perspective of first person.

Wait, you shot this footage yourself?
It was an incredible challenge that I eagerly took on knowing that the footage would be in the ablest hands. But then, yet again, a multitude of other real and imaginary complications put the project on the backburner for several months. Thankfully, both me and Eric stuck with it and managed to finish an audio/visual statement we both stand behind—born out of inspiration, hardship and necessity. A dystopian vision that is perhaps all too real.