Limited Edition Metal & Beer Fest: Los Angeles 2021 Merch Now IN STOCK!

It took roughly a month to recover from our hangovers and bangovers from last year’s Metal & Beer Fest in Los Angeles, but we’ve finally sobered up enough to put what little merch we have left over onto our webstore. Quantities are extremely limited and these designs will never be printed ever again, so if you missed out on picking up up a festival shirt, pint glass, one of our two screen-printed posters or either of our festival patches in person or just want to tell people you saw Deadguy’s first-ever L.A. performance, headbanged to Converge and Cave In playing special full-album sets or punished our editor-in-chief in person with your perfect Hall of Fame ideas, now is your chance to score some convincing and stylish paraphernalia. See what’s in store below!