Video Premiere: Night Cobra – “The Neuromancer’s Curse”

Houston’s Night Cobra first burst onto the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal scene in 2020 with their In Praise of the Shadow EP. The rowdy, muscular sound that was already in place on that release sounds even more fully formed on Dawn of the Serpent, the band’s upcoming debut full-length. Across a lean 32 minutes, the band rips through song after song of tight riffage, Maidenesque twin leads, neon-tinted ’80s synths, and gritty vocals.

One of the album’s clear standouts is “The Neuromancer’s Curse,” a William Gibson tribute in denim and leather. Its sci-fi subject matter is a perfect match for the NES-style 8-bit animation of its music video, which Decibel is thrilled to be premiering today. Read what Night Cobra frontman Christian Larson had to say about the song and video, and watch it below.

On the song: “This song is inspired by the book Neuromancer. It’s about being trapped inside of a digital world. Our world, today, is world is partially in this state already, and headed more towards this every day.”

On the video: “I’ve always loved this 8-bit style of animation! I have been searching for someone to create an 8-bit video for Night Cobra for a couple years now. I’m glad it finally worked out with Ritual Video.”

Pre-order Dawn of the Serpent, out 2/11 on High Roller Records here.