Track Premiere: Tormentor Tyrant – “Tormentor Tyrant”

Tormentor Tyrant band photo

It takes a certain level of confidence and dedication to have an eponymous track on a self-titled EP. That’s exactly what Finnish death metal trio Tormentor Tyrant is sharing with us today, courtesy of Everlasting Spew Records. The band’s three members boast evil pseudonyms ripped out of the ’80s extreme metal cesspool. The members have been in bands like Corpsessed, Solothus, Tyranny, Profetus and Cataleptic. There’s nothing subtle about the band’s intention. It’s about honoring the serrated riffs and explosive violence of the genre’s primordial years.

That’s exactly what their self-titled track achieves. The only ten commandments this band follows were established by Malevolent Creation. The dual vocals pair a diseased snarl with a powerful bellow. Tormentor Tyrant knows exactly who they are: a battering ram of relentless fury. Don’t take my word for it, check out the mission statement the band sent to accompany this premiere below.

“Welcome to Tormentor Tyrant’s world of eternal pain,” comments S. Envenom. “This song is “Tormentor Tyrant” by the band Tormentor Tyrant from the EP Tormentor Tyrant. This release tells of the immortal Tormentor Tyrant who will enslave the human race and save Death Metal from brooding, cavernous and mystical soundscapes. Tormentor Tyrant brings riffs, aggression, intensity and torment back in the business.

“Tormentor Tyrant will rise,” he continues. “Mankind will pay the price. Hail the Tormentor Tyrant. Hail Death Metal.”

Press play and join the band’s death metal reign before the EP releases on January 28th.

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