Video Premiere: Deaf Club Skirts Around the Law with “Shoplift from Jail”

We’ve all heard of “peak oil,” the apex point of fossil fuel production after which it’s all downhill. But are you familiar with “peak band,” the hypothetical extreme music moment where there’s no one left to start a new band or project? How will we know when we’ve achieved this? The answer’s easy: when Shane Embury, Adam Jarvis, Bjorn Strid, Dirk Verbeuren and Justin Pearson all end up forming a band together. Until that happens, Pearson (the Locust, Dead Cross, Planet B, Retox, Head Wound City, All Leather, Three One G Records) has another project to thrust down the maw of polite society in the form of Deaf Club.

Also featuring Brian Amalfitano (ACxDC), Scott Osment (Weak Flesh), Jason Klein (Run with the Hunted) and Tommy Meehan (The Manx, Chum Out!), Deaf Club emerge with the sort of high energy, future fucking, spastic grind not far removed from the Locust or Daughters. Or Lightning Bolt on a Man is the Bastard bender. Pearson’s bratty yelp is accompanied by a rhythm section doing a St. Vitus Dance on the end of multiple taser electrodes while  duelling guitars layer Melt-Banana being seared by neon gas on top of the sound of the tears of snowflake Republicans bawling about the forthcoming wheels of fascism not spinning fast enough for their liking.

Ironically, the band’s debut album, Productive Disruption was recorded on the day of the January 6th, 2021 coup attempt and stands as an opposition volley against the present socio-political climate while existing on the noisier end of the messages NASA have been firing into space and hoping aliens respond to. Today, we present the video for the album’s second single, “Shoplift from Jail” which Pearson gives some insight:
“The overall topic of the song isn’t anything new. However, I think the bulk of the song’s content was born out of the idea that the US Government was handing out loans left and right to smaller independent businesses during the pandemic, which in a sense created a lot of income for the lenders due to interest rates, and a large percentage of those taking the loans were headed for failure no matter what. I’m a fan of ripping off corporations who butt-fuck humanity, the environment and the future. So, the question is, are most of us in a metaphorical jail? Perhaps. And can we or should we shoplift from that place? Perhaps again. Is that needed for survival? For some, I think so.
“In my opinion, the video that Dark Details created for this song links the murky realm of unethical capitalism and how it helps create mental illness for the general population, among other things. With all that being said, do I wish death upon folks like the Sackler family? Sure.”

“Shoplift From Jail”
Try and buy the car, the mental scar.
Cry and sigh so far, dimwitted star.
Lie and lie, bizarre, it’s up to par.
Current detail: You are for sale.
Full scale impale, hammer the nail
Take an inhale, chase your own tail.
Future detail: Written in braille.
Leave a foul smell, slurp a chem trail.
Take an inhale, chase your own tail.
Future feels scared.
Future, Impaired
The Priests are raping.
The Pigs are seizing.
The Jails are bloating
and still profiting.
Unholy grail failed rummage sale.
Shoplift From jail. Skip out on bail.
Take an inhale, chase your own tail.
Try and buy the car, the mental scar.
Cry and sigh so far, dimwitted star.
Lie and lie, bizarre, it’s up to par.
Wreck the car.

*photos: Becky DiGiglio

Productive Disruption will be released on limited vinyl, “persecutor color” (limited to 700) and “pyrolysis color” (limited to 300), as well as a limited 100 cassettes, via Three One G Records on January 6th, 2022. Preorder, here.

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