Track Premiere: Bye Bye Tsunami – “Holdin’ Banana Spiders Through The Folds Of Time/Space”

In addition to the usual extremely extreme sounds we prefer to subject ourselves to,  we also like to get our skronk on from time to time, maybe a little something free-form and noisy. Copenhagen-based trio, Bye Bye Tsunami offer up an earful of all of that on their self-titled, six-track debut, set for release on cassette and digitally via Nefarious Industries on January 28.

Operating sans the usual metallic accoutrements—i.e. distorted guitars—Uldis Vitols (bass),  Søren Høi (drums) and Lorenzo Colocci (flute, flaubosax, electronics) create chaos with a clashing mix of electronics, percussion and experimental wind instruments. It’s not so much heavy as it is frenetic and primal, in a weirdly futuristic way. 

Here’s what the band had to say about “Holdin’ Banana Spiders Through The Folds Of Time/Space”:

“From winter 2019, L[orenzo] started an extreme diet consisting exclusively of raw bananas. The experiment went on for eight months, [and] the daily amount of bananas consumed would oscillate between 15 to 25, reaching peaks of 38 pieces. Eventually, this provoked a violent adverse reaction, causing a strong stomach ache, delirium and vivid hallucinations. It was at that moment, lying on the floor of his room, that L saw the yellow fruit (which he was continuing to eat) come to life, assuming new mesmerizing forms, and taking him through an intense psychophysical trip described in the song.”

Have a listen for yourself, and when you’re ready to preorder, grab a banana or 38 and head over to the Nefarious Industries’ web shop here.