Blast Worship: Will Cope

Where they from?
Vilnius, Lithuania. Wow, I’ve covered bands from a whole lot of countries in the two-plus years I’ve been writing this column but this is the first one from Lithuania. Anyway, what’s your favorite Christmas song? Mine has to be “Christmas Time Is Here” from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. I just love that it’s a sad song. Like that’s what the holidays are all about for me, being sad and smooth jazz.

Why the hype?
Well, you know who isn’t sad? Will Cope — they’re FUCKING PISSED. This is some serious tough-guy grindcore in the vein of Despise You, Ground and Choke. Honestly, it’s pretty shocking that this band isn’t from either New Jersey or California. Tornados of fight riffs, skank blasts and mongo vocals abound, all utilized to pour vicious concrete down your throat while you scream for mercy. Sorry, I had some really strong coffee this morning.

Latest Release?
An Attempt out in the U.S. on No Time Records. This album really excels in what I feel is one of the hallmarks off the false grind micro-genre and that is having a pervasive sense of personal loathing. The instrumental “Daredevil” is the dread of daily living personified before firing off into the salvo of “Not a Fan.” Other highlights include the menacing “xWIZARDxBLIZZARDx” and the ultimate beatdown fight riff of album closer “Low Pressure.” This album follows your favorite album home and beats them up in the driveway.