Blast Worship: Mellow Harsher

Where they from?
Stoughton, WI. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has COVID-19 and said he consulted with Joe Rogan about it and he is now taking a horse dewormer to fight the virus. If I had said this sentence out loud a mere three years ago, I would have been committed to a mental institution. Get better, A-Rod — we need those State Farm commercials back ASAP!

Why the hype?
I already wrote about Mellow Harsher back in the salad days of January 2019, when I was but a wee babe dipping my toes into the cesspool off grindcore journalism. What I said about this group back then still remains the same, in that they set a certain benchmark for chaos and insanity that very few other bands even come close to. Listening to them again now three years later, I can definitely pinpoint the influence of more chaotic metalcore bands like Ed Gein and December, but wrapped in the madcap insanity all those Midwest grindcore bands bring to the table. The result is, as per usual, electric.

Latest Release?
Split with Deterioration EP on 625 Thrash. One thing that sets this band apart is the diversity of the vocal attack. Vocals range from traditional mongo powerviolence style vocals to brutal death gurgles and black metal shrieks, all usually within a 30-second range. The highs, in particular, seem to punctuate rather well with the jarring, Dillinger-like guitar spasms. And as soon as you’re done with the five Mellow Harsher songs, you get to flip it over and listen to Deterioration! WIN-WIN, BABY!